Ghana StartUp Club 100

Ghana Startup Club 100 Poster

The Ghana Start-Up Club 100 (GSClub 100) is an annual ranking of the top 100 best performing start-up companies in Ghana spearheaded by The Startup Network.

Prestigious and coveted; the Ranking celebrates Ghana’s entrepreneurs and innovators. It offers a unique chance for small to medium scale businesses to be recognised for their hard work, commitment and of course, success. Established by The African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) and organised in partnership with Premium Bank Ghana, iConceptsPR and Avance Media and in collaboration with key private and public stakeholders, the GSClub 100 is positioned to give high-impact start-ups and outstanding entrepreneurs the public recognition and support they deserve to propel them to greater heights in their chosen fields of endeavours.

Aside from the above, the following are the other benefits that the GSClub 100 will bring to deserving businesses and entrepreneurs:

  1. Have your business endorsed by expert panel of judges
  2. Increase customer base and client loyalty
  3. Receive resource tools to build sustainable and globally competitive businesses
  4. Have an enviable advantage over your competition
  5. Network with like minds and industry economic giants
  6. Attract and Impress potential angel and venture capital investors
  7. Receive nationwide media coverage and an extensive global online exposure
  8. Elevate your professional and company profile
  9. Increase corporate credibility in your industry
  10. Accelerate Business growth & attract high-quality staff


GSClub 100 Categories:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Financial and Insurance Services
  3. Fashion
  4. Technology
  5. Media
  6. Lifestyle & Entertainment
  7. Manufacturing
  8. Health and Education
  9. Retail and e-Commerce
  10. Energy, Petroleum & Mining Services


GSClub 100 Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for the 2017 GSClub 100 are as follows:

The jury will be looking to award outstanding achievement, innovative business concept, growth and good management skills.


  1. A Registered business (not an idea or plan) – Ownership being Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability or Partnership.
  2. Headquartered in Ghana
  3. 5 years or younger (founded in 2012 or after)
  4. Independent business – not subdivision or franchise
  5. Be 50% or more Ghanaian owned, with the owner/s responsible for making the key management decisions



  1. Be a listed company, a franchisee, franchisor, a club, co-operative.
  2. Be more than 50% owned by another business;
  3. Be either:
    1. A recipient of significant on-going government funding (i.e. the business is reliant upon the funding for operation); or
    2. A government agency;
  4. Have employees who have been involved in the judging of the Awards program

Given the necessarily fluid nature of these definitions, the basic rule is: if in doubt, just APPLY!



  1. Innovative in operations, product or service, or marketing
  2. Solving hard problems and meeting a pressing market demand
  3. Gaining traction or making a mark – either with increasing number of customers or in research and development
  4. Have the potential to reshape their industry
  5. Exhibit a great combination of passion & opportunity
  6. Possessing the potential to make it to the Ghana Club 100 ranking in record time


GSClub 100 Ranking Parameters

GSClub 100 is working with a panel of expert judges to create the most authoritative and trustworthy list of promising high-impact start-ups in Ghana. We’re looking to measure two things: POTENTIAL AND INNOVATION. We’re defining both of those things with a series of questions.

When constructing our ranking methodology, we’ll be asking questions such as:

  1. Could this company become a global player?
  2. Does this company have the potential to make a serious dent in the economy and create massive jobs?
  3. Does this company have the potential to make a serious dent in the economy and create massive jobs?
  4. Could this company seriously disrupt a global market? How brilliant or original is the product?
  5. How bold is the vision?
  6. How excited do our judges get by the inventiveness of this company?

We’re seeking to introduce some proper rigour into the GSClub 100 by using standardised metrics and criteria for collecting and classifying companies coupled with a transparent, analytical methodology that, we think, is key to the list’s credibility and sustainability.

The Ghana Startup Club 100 Awards is presented by The African Network of Entrepreneurs and in partnership with Premium Bank Ghana, iConceptsPR and Avance Media.