TSN Support Services

The Startup Network

  • Consulting on Business Model And Implementation: The TSN team will provide guidance on the most effective way to begin and grow your company.
  • Drafting & Review of Business Concept Papers, Business Plans & Proposals: Business Plan including Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Strategy and Implementation, Financial Plan, and Financial Projections. A well-defined business plan is essential to provide a framework for a new company. It will also greatly improve the company’s ability to gain financing.
  • Development of Websites or Improvement and Management of your existing Website: A customized website is created to inform people about your company, generate business, and connect to potential investors. Your website will be created in both English and French (on request)
  • Social Media Marketing & Online Branding Advisory Services: For online searches, your website will be listed with major search engines & social media platforms to maximize your exposure. We will create an online ad account; create radio advertisements and list on local list servers to increase your business.
  • Company Registration & Incorporation: We guide you through the process of establishing ownership structure and incorporating your company in Ghana. In addition, we can help with the drafting of your corporate profiles & structures.
  • Connection to Financing: TSN has partnerships with institutions that will be willing to work with start-up companies. We can connect you to low interest loans that do not require collateral. We will also generate donations from a variety of donors to assist with the start-up expenses.
  • Matching to Investors: TSN networks with local and foreign investors. We will connect you to interested investors; help you with your pitching and how to structure any investment.
  • Branding & Marketing Strategies That Can Help Grow Your Business: The Creative team at TSN provides businesses with top-notch graphic designs and corporate branding services including billboards, signage & corporate gifts
  • Business Advisory Services: TSN Business Advisory Services will help you improve your business operations and structures
  • Capacity Building & Tailor-Made Training For Entrepreneurs & Employees: Periodic training & team building activities for your employees and management to build their knowledge and capacity to be more productive and result-oriented
  • Financial Literacy, Efficient Account & Book Keeping Practices: TSN conducts financial literacy trainings and assists entrepreneurs & businesses with efficient Account & Book Keeping practices to enhance their operations and grow their businesses.
  • Business Referral Services: To increase customer base and market share, TSN refers businesses and contracts to business and provides effective business to business (B2B).
  • Access to Business Networks & Relevant Information: TSN provides productive periodic networking opportunities and access to relevant business and industry related information to entrepreneurs & businesses.
  • Legal Assistance: TSN provides legal templates to be used for employment contracts, sales of goods, confidentiality agreements, and other useful legal documents.
  • Tax Consultation: We provide an outline on how to manage VAT, income tax, and Social Security
  • Business Education: We provide courses to teach clients budgeting, accounting, data analysis, and valuation. All of these will be important tools to operate a business.
  • Coaching & Mentorship: TSN in association with consultants, veteran entrepreneurs and professionals, provide relevant, timely and much needed coaching & mentorship to entrepreneurs & businesses to ensure sustainable growth.
  • Training: We also do train upcoming entrepreneurs on certain entrepreneurial skills such as risk taking/bearing, ideas development and management, entrepreneur development and small business management.

For any other assistance that you may require to grow your business, do not hesitate to call on The Startup Network. We are more than willing to assist in any possible way we can.